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Call for Participation

Web of Things, People and Information Systems

14th International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations

March 25-27, 2013

Stockholm, Sweden

ICISO 2013 will consist of the following events:

You are cordially invited to participate in the 14th International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations, (ICISO 2013), previously called International Conference on Organisational Semiotics (ICOS). This is the fourteenth in a series of international events devoted to the latest research in informatics in organisations and organisational semiotics.

Conference Scope and Theme

The rapid development of the internet, mobile computing, as well as the capabilities for global and unique identification of objects, makes it possible to sense, identify, locate, and connect people, machines, devices, equipment and other resources. These new capabilities bring forth emerging concepts such as the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Web of Things (WoT), whereby distributed collaboration through shared workflows and business processes take place from anywhere and anytime.

The Web of Things, People and Information Systems forms a new world emerging by coupling and empowering humans in the social sphere, information systems in the digital world, and things in the physical domain. It is a holistic vision of the on-going evolution of IoT/WoT era which not only contains the connectivity to communicate with things, but also human activities in social context and information systems. There is a transformation of human life style, habits, organisational activities and architecture, culture and globalization in the new IoT/WoT age. In turn, services and applications from IoT/WoT must continuously evolve with the social world in order to meet human and organizational requirements. Furthermore, the things in the physical domain must be seamlessly integrated with information systems, not just simply through the user interface, but in the way that each of the things in the IoT/WoT can be aware of both itself and others to provide the right service for the right object at the right time and context. Our theme of web of things, people and information systems aims to aid the design and implementation of effective solutions to realise the sustainable symbiosis of things, people and information systems in the new information age.


ICISO 2013 takes place at the Stockholm University in Stockholm, Sweden

Research papers describing original work in relevant areas are invited. Industrial and work-in-progress papers are also welcome.


Keynote Speakers (Additional keynote speakers will be announced later)

Further information and Enquiries

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Conference Chairs
Paul Johannesson, Stockholm University, Sweden
Kecheng Liu, University of Reading, UK