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IFIP WG8.1 Working Conference

The 16th International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations (ICISO 2015), similar to other events in the conference series, devotes to the latest research in informatics and organisational semiotics. The aim of this conference is to provide a focal forum for participants from various domains of information management and information systems, computational science, semiotics, finance and accounting, business and enterprise, service science, and business and engineering. One of the important emphases in this 16th conference will be information and knowledge management complex systems, such as large scale projects, network of networks, and dynamic and evolving enterprise.
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Conference Scope and Objectives
Information is an important resource for any organisation, whether it is large or small, service or production industry. To understand the nature of information and how it can be effectively managed and used in organisations is highly relevant. Following the early events in the series, the key theme of this conference will be on information, and management in complex organizations such as spaces industries and organization. Particular interest will be placed in exploring and understanding from both theoretical and empirical perspectives on how information enables an organisation to sustain and, furthermore, to leverage innovation and competitiveness. In both cases, the organizations will rely heavily on effective management and use of information.

Informatics is the study of information as resource, which helps a business organisation, often through knowledge management, innovation, and service design, engineering and management. Organisational semiotics, as a discipline of study of sign, information and human communication in organised contexts, will provide a most appropriate approach to examine the issues of information management and utilisation from a scholarly and practical perspective.

Below are some examples of publications from previous events:

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(Hardcopies of the proceedings is available from Amazon)

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(Hardcopies of the proceedings is available from Amazon)

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Please see the Past Publications page for further details.