ICISO 2015 Conference Programme

16th International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations

Information and Knowledge Management in Complex Systems

19th – 20th March 2015, Toulouse, France

Reception Hall, CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites)
11, rue Hermès,
Parc Technologique du Canal
31520 Ramonville Saint-Agne

How to get to the venue

                                                               Thursday 19/03/2015

09 :00

Coffee and Registration

09 :20

Opening and Welcome (Chaired by Keiichi Nakata)
Jean-Pierre Gleyzes, deputy director of the Directorate of the Information System of CNES
Erwann Poupart, Network of Experts on the main scientific and technical disciplines used in Space
Kecheng Liu, Informatics Research Centre, University of Reading

09 :40

Keynote 1: Bottom-Up! - Social Knowledge Sharing in DLR
Ruediger Suess and Uwe Knodt, DLR – the German Aerospace Center, Cologne, Germany
Chaired by Keiichi Nakata

10: 40

Coffee break

11: 00

Group Photo

11: 20


Session 1: Organisational Semiotics: Theory and Concepts
Session Chair: Weizi Li

A Generative Grammar for Modal Syntagms
Francesco Galofaro

A Semiotic Approach to Critical Reasoning
Janos J. Sarbo and Jessica H. Yang

Information Systems and Sign Systems
Coen Suurmond

On the Relationships between Norms, Values and Culture: Preliminary Thoughts in HCI
Roberto Pereira, M. Cecília C. Baranauskas and Kecheng Liu

12 :40


14 :00

Special session: Invariance, Scientific Method and Building a Research Programme in Organisational Semiotics
Ronald Stamper, Professor Emeritus, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Session Chair: Kecheng Liu

15 :00


Session 2 : Organisational Semiotics and Applications
Session Chair: Janos Sarbo

A Semiotic Approach to Investigate Quality Issues of Open Big Data Ecosystems
John Krogstie and Shang Gao

Virtual Process Control Modelling in Organisational Semiotics: A Case of Higher Education Admission
John Effah

Assessing Pragmatic Interoperability for Process Alignment in Collaborative Working Environment
Shixiong Liu, Weizi Li and Kecheng Liu

Clarifying the Situational Context of a TV Company towards the Design of iDTV Applications
Samuel B. Buchdid, Heiko H. Hornung, Roberto Pereira and M. Cecília C. Baranauskas

16 :20

Coffee break

16 :40



Session 3: Innovation and Organisational Learning 
Session Chair: John Effah

Designing Natural User Interfaces Scenarios for All and for Some: an Analysis Informed by Organizational Semiotics Artifacts
Vanessa R. M. L. Maike, Samuel B. Buchdid and M. Cecília C. Baranauskas

Applying Organizational Semiotics for Developing Knowledge-Based Cost Estimation of Construction Project
Shen Xu, Kecheng Liu and Llewellyn CM Tang

Creativity filter and new firms start-ups to resolve the Innovation Paradox
David Audretsch and Maksim Belitski

Visualisation of the UK Stock Market Based on Complex Networks for Company’s Revenue Forecast
Ziyi Wang and Jingti Han

Organisational semiotics in digital business: a case study of SMEs in digital age
Weizi Li, Kecheng Liu and Maksim Belitski


Dinner in Toulouse

Friday 20/03/2015

09: 30

Coffee and Registration

10: 00

Keynote 2: Knowledge Management and Digital Diagrammatisation of Innovative Technical Systems
Vincent Minier and Vincent Bontems, French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), Saclay, France.
Chaired by Daniel Galarreta

11: 00

Coffee break

11: 20


Session 4 (Parallel): Information Systems and Services 
Session Chair: Samuel Buchdid

An Evolution Method of Service View Products Supported Dynamic Integration of Information Resources
Zhen Shu, Aimin Luo, and Xueshan Luo

The Adoption of Smartphones Among Older Adults in China
Shang Gao, Yuhao Yang and John Krogstie

Towards Automatic Generation of Project-based Solutions
Krikor Maroukian, Kevin Lano and Mohammad Yamin

Translation of Requirements Engineering Models
Imad Eddine Saidi, Taoufiq Dkaki, Nacer Eddine Zarour and Pierre-Jean Charrel

Session 5 (Parallel): Complex System Modelling and Simulation
Session Chair: Maksim Belitski

An Optimization of Collaborative Filtering Personalized Recommendation Algorithm Based on Time Context Information
Xian Jin, Qin Zheng and Lily Sun


A Meta-heuristic Approach for Copper Price Forecasting
Fabián Seguel,Raúl Carrasco, Pablo Adasme, Miguel Alfaro and Ismael Soto

Complexity Management in the Semiconductor Supply Chain and Manufacturing Using PROS Analysis
Can Sun, Thomas Rose, Hans Ehm and Stefan Heilmayer


Simulation on Resident Individual Trip Choice Decision Making: Based on Modelling of Rough Set and Genetic Algorithms
Jing Li, Xin Zhu and Dan Chang

12: 40

Lunch (Closing session)

13: 40


Round Table Discussion - Chaired by Kecheng Liu
Research agenda and direction for ICISO
Proposal for ICISO 2016

14: 40

Departure to City of Space 

17: 00


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