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Did you know that ICISO 2016 will take place just two days before the Olympic Games in Brazil?

From August 5th to August 21th, 2016, Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympics Games - Rio 2016.

Rio is directly served by the Galeao (GIG) - Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport and the Santos Dumont Airport (SDU), being connected to 19 countries and all the main Brazilian cities with domestic flights. It means you can easily fly between Campinas and Rio (1 hour, Azul usually offers the best flights), or take a bus (6 hours - you can find tickets here).

NOTE: depending on the country of origin, you may need an entrance VISA to Brazil. Check the need of a VISA in this document and at the Brazilian consulate in your country.

Are you worried about how to get in Campinas?

You will have no difficulties to get in Campinas. It is just 95km from Sao Paulo City, and is directly served by the Viracopos International Airport (VCP).

The best ways to get in Campinas are:

  • Fly to Sao Paulo International Airport (GRU), which is the biggest airport in Brazil and just 1 hour by bus or taxi from Campinas;
  • Fly to any other International Airport in Brazil, and then take a domestic flight to Campinas VCP, which is the most connected airport for domestic flights in Brazil;
  • Fly directly from USA or Europe to Campinas VCP.

What is the best option for you?

You will find many flights to Sao Paulo International Airport (GRU), usually with the best prices. Because it is just 1 hour from Campinas, it is usually the best option.

If you fly to any other International airport in Brazil, such as Rio de Janeiro (GIG), Curitiba (CWB), and Brasilia (BSB), you will easily find direct flights to Campinas VCP. This is a good alternative. Be aware that flights to Rio de Janeiro (GIG) may be overbooked because of the Olympic Games.

You can also find International flights to Campinas VCP, but the options are more restrict. Campinas VCP has direct flights between Portugal and USA. TAP Portugal, American Airlines, Gol and Azul are companies that offer direct flights to Campinas.

Are you looking for more recommendation?

The great advantage of staying in Campinas is the facility to fly from and to other Brazilian cities (see the list we prepared for you below).

We recommend booking flights in advance as prices can become higher near the Olympics Games. The SkyScanner is a useful system that helps users to find best prices for their flights.

We are preparing more tips and suggestions. ICISO 2016 will be waiting for you.

The University of Campinas

The University of Campinas, or UNICAMP, is ranked between the 50th World Best University with less than 50 years (1st position in Latin America), according to the Times Higher Education Ranking (2015).

Having more than 17.000 Undergraduate students and 19.000 Postgraduate students, UNICAMP produces about 15% of the Brazilian research, and is one of the Top Patent Producers in Brazil.

The UNICAMP's Institute of Computing was the first academic institution in Brazil to offer a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Its graduate program is consistently ranked as one of Brazil's top institutions in providing high-level research, and Master and PhD degrees that carry prestige and professional recognition.

About UNICAMP Teaching and Research


A picture from the Campinas City

Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Campinas is one of the richest Brazilian cities. Often mentioned as the "Brazilian Silicon Valley", Campinas hosts several technology and service organizations, such as IBM, Dell, Motorola, Freescale, Compaq, Celestica, Samsung, Alcatel, Bosch, 3M, and others. Campinas is recognized as the Brazilian capital of Science, Technology and Innovation, with the major national centres of Research and Development. It is among the top cities in the world that conducts more business events (about 6,000 per year), and has the largest cargo airport in Brazil (Viracopos).

The city has 18 institutions of higher education and skilled labour in all areas of knowledge, the first accelerator in the country, and is the fourth largest banking centre in the country (in terms of bank branches).

Considering the 500 biggest global companies, 50% has brunches in its metropolitan area. Besides, Campinas surprises people by having a great quality of life. With more than 1 million inhabitants, Campinas has a diversified trade, large green areas and many opportunities for leisure, sport and culture. Campinas has 4,600 restaurants, 35 of them offer international cuisine, which is great for foreigners. The city has the 2nd highest level of connectivity in Brazil.

Other Brazilian Cities

Through the Viracopos International Airport, the main Brazilian cities can be visited.

A picture from Rio de Janeiro City

Rio de Janeiro: the most famous Brazilian City.

A picture from Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo: Brazil's financial centre and most important Brazilian City.

A picture of Curitiba's Garden

Curitiba, one of the most modern and green cities in Brazil.

A picture from Maceio's beach

Maceio: historical city with amazing beaches.

The Foz do Iguazu's waterfalls

Foz do Iguacu (Iguazu): the World's biggest waterfalls pointed out as one of the new 7 Wonders of Nature.

Fortaleza' beach

Fortaleza: historical city with amazing beaches.

A picture from Manaus city

Manaus: situated in the Amazon's forest, it is considered one of the most promising international cities for tourism.

A picture of Brasilia

Brasilia is the Brazil's Capital, famous by its architecture and monuments designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

Other important and beautiful Brazilian cities can be visited from Campinas/Viracopos, such as: Aracaju, Belo Horizonte, Cuiaba, Florianopolis, Goiania, Maringa, Natal, Porto Alegre, Recife, etc.

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